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Every time you purchase on, it gives a small contribution to your people that you choose.

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What is it?

We offter a solution to help people you care through Amazon affiliate scheme, every time you purchase from, people you choose receives a small commission that will help them to raise funds.

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How to use?

1. Install Chrome Extension

For Chrome users, please download "People You Care" from the web store.

2. Type Amazon Tracking ID

Get Amazon Associates tracking ID from the people you want to support.

3. Start Shopping As Usual

You shop the same was that you normally do on, and the Extension does all the job for you.

4. Support People Without Hassle

Every time you purchase from, the people you want to support receives a small commission that will help them to raise more funds.

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Do you need support?

Do you need support from others and interested to promote this? You can join Amazon Associates Program.

Simply apply for Amazon Associates programme in the UK and get a Tracking ID and then promote this web site with your tracking ID.

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Amazon Smile donates 0.5% to registered organization. In order to apply, you must be a eligible charitable organization. If you are not, then you will not be able to apply the programme.

On the other hand, People You Care is using Amazon Associates affiliate scheme, therefore anyone who could apply for the programme is eligiable to use.

You will recieve a tracking ID, something like "xxxxxxxxx-20", all what you need is to tell others about this web site and also your tracking ID.

Here is one of templates that you could use, print out as handover. This template is made by a service called Canva, and you could download a template and make your own version, placing your names, images and logos. We will keep working on it.


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